Monday, June 30, 2008

Southern Food & Beverage Museum- Hurricane Katrina, Donations Needed

Do you have some cookbooks you're not using/have never used that are collecting dust? Here's a great way to help out others and put those books to good use.

GREAT idea!

(Excerpted from Dianne Jacob 6/08 Newsletter)
Katrina-Damaged Museum Needs Cookbooks

Alumnus Laura Martin Bacon sent this email: Liz Williams, president of the Southern Food & Beverage Museum, estimates the museum lost over half of its cookbook collection to Hurricane Katrina. Liz needs cookbooks, and lots of them.

The museum seeks culinary books about the American South and volumes from areas that have influenced Southern foodways. This means all new and used food-themed books, in all conditions (food-spattered and beat-up is just fine), dealing with cuisines from all over the world. Liz emphasizes that they're seeking everything from professionally written cookbooks and culinary histories to community cookbooks and pamphlets. Send your donations to:
Liz Williams
Southern Food & Beverage Museum
1 Poydras Street, #169
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

Include your name and address so the museum can acknowledge your generosity. For more, visit (click on "collections," then "library") or email

Take a moment to look at your cookbooks, even if you just have 1, that can make a difference!